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A little about meβ€”I often put the same song on repeat for hours when I want to get into flow. In college, I founded the campus music magazine and blog, Waves, which helped me realize how much I love building new things with great people.

Fast forward a few years and I felt compelled to create the meditation community, Innerglow, after seeing a great deal of frustration and unease among family and friends in response to life’s transitions and challenges. One thing my meditation practice helped me understand is that our value extends beyond the external sources we often look to for validation.

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This moved me to create a platform that helped people feel empowered and live well by learning meditation practices and connecting deeper with themselves and others. Innerglow grew into a community of thousands of purpose driven individuals that gathered regularly to deepen their meditation practice, connect on meaningful topics, and share different forms of self-expression.


My current big interests include startups, human connection, mental health, evolving modern masculinity, basketball, music, functional exercise, books and deepening my knowledge of code.




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