With the reading sections, I focus on reading to determine the main idea of texts as well as strategies to address vocabulary questions. With the math sections, I focus on reviewing the content the student most struggles with, as well as providing the student with transferable skills that will help him/her with all math questions. I will have the student complete practice tests during the week; during our sessions we will analyze the practice test and then focus on targeted problems that will help the student grow in the areas he/she needs the most practice with. 

Math and Literature

I use New York Sate common core standards, as well as feedback from teachers, parents and students to guide my tutoring. Tutoring is individualized for each student based on their needs.

Test Prep

I prepared my third grade students to perform well on the Common Core math and ELA exams, and I currently work for Bright Kids, which is a premier tutoring company. Through both of these experiences I have gained an expertise in prepping students for standardized exams.

Study Skills

I have taught a variety of learners, so I have experience setting individualized goals and prioritizing next steps for my students. As a teacher, I assess my students as learners and determine which study skills will best set them up for success. Reading comprehension, note taking, stress management, time management, testing taking and memorization are some of the study skills I can help students develop.